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Are You Living or Existing?

Today is as good a day as fact it's the PERFECT day to begin again! My Daddy would always say to me, "If you wake up tomorrow morning, you can make up your mind to say today is the first day of the rest of my life!" What he was instilling in me is that I have the power and authority to take charge of my life, an to do things differently if I am dissatisfied with my life. The wise man that he was, Daddy would implore us to pose this question inwardly "are you living or just existing?" So many of us find ourselves bogged down in responsibilities, robbing Peter to half-pay Paul, and just treading water, keeping the ends touching-barely. I have come to know for myself that life is so much more than that. My life experiences since making a decision to leave my job in 2015, have caused me to become more humble, more hungry and determined in my pursuits, as well as more compassionate and empathetic with others. In a season of having so little of the things that I thought I had to have, I have learned to be all the more grateful for what I do have, to cherish life, and most importantly to LIVE it!

In 2017, no excuses or apologies are being made or accepted...the theme for the year is "Kickin Down Doors!"

I am GwenYvette, soulstress. Hear me ROAR!!!

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