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Why Do You Do It?

There is a reason behind every action. So what's the scoop? Why do you wake up everyday and do what it is that you do? Regardless of what it is that you do, there is a concrete reason or series of reasons behind it.

As I am growing and evolving as a person, my reasons have changed. At one point, the reason why I got up everyday and went to work, was to fund a lifestyle that I wanted. I like to shop, buying new clothes, and have a real shoe fetish...I love heels. But I digress. Lol I have always worked, since I as 13 years old, I have consistently worked at one thing or another. I have worked in fast food, held it down in Wally world, and even had a small business cleaning people's homes before I worked in a role that I considered was really fitting for me.

In 2009, I started working fulltime with the at-risk youth population, in a behavior modification role. I loved it. I thoroughly enjoy working with that demographic. I enjoyed working for a few years within this role, and then a few life-changing events happened in my life and my priorities and focused shifted.

My hero, my rock, my Daddy passed away, and then months later Whitney Houston passed away also.

My desire to pursue a music career (one that I had put on the back burner for decades), was reborn...with a FIRE! I would go to work and continue to do my best, but it just would not leave me alone. I continued to sing to my students all day everyday, lol and also to try out for singing competitions. The experiences of that were phenomenal! From there, I made a decision to leave my fulltime job, and to pursue my music career fulltime. It was a leap of faith INDEED! Things have not been easy by any sense of the word, but it has certainly been worth it! It's been flowing in a manner that let's me know that God himself has his hand in it! I have learned to live with alot less...but I have learned to LIVE!

So why do I do it? I sing, write, perform, because God gave me the gifts, and I know that I am to use them to encourage the hearts of His people through song. There is no feeling like the feeling of knowing that you are doing what you came into the earth realm to do.

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